What is IO domain and what is the concept of using it

Io domain is internet country top level domains that are owned by British Indian Ocean Territory. These are the special domain that remains very expensive and everyone do not become able to purchase unless they are going to start any open source product for a long term. Even the common people can also purchase these domains for operating this website, but due to the high cost usually people do not become able to purchase. There are many online websites available who is offering to purchase io domain. NamecheapĀ is one of the best inexpensive registrars for .io domains

For finding the io domain website, you need to search on a search engine and you will get bundles of website links. Open each of the website and find out the name that you want to purchase. Usually all the websites do not remain available that you search but if by luck, you found that particular website then purchases it, if the prices are affordable for you. Along with the domain you should see which of other things they are providing. Most of the io domain seller provides SSL certificate along with the domain that usually cost around 10$.

There are many famous website available like yahoo, flicker who own the IO domain and running their website after it. Usually people use the IO domain for creating sexual or pornography website or who want to publish the fair news with the nation without the fear. Everyone cannot register for io domain unless they full fill on the requirement of registration. It is a country level domain so everyone cannot purchase it until they keep right or able to purchase it.

You can register io domain minimum of one year and maximum you can register for 10 years. However, before the expiry of the domain, you have to apply for renewal before 10 days, otherwise; approval will not be given to you. The security of io domain remain very high and the hacker does not become able to hack this domain easily. Io is a domain extension the usually redirect to the .com through which people do not become able to identify that which domain is running on this website.

However, if you want to purchase io domain for running any open source website or you want to connect API with it, then it is the perfect domain for you and you can run for a long time. Through the Io domain you can hide your identity and release the news and stuff that you want to share among the people. The main concept of the io domain is that it gives you ability present anything on your website based on truth and you would become able to hide your identity. Io domain administrated by the internet computer bureau that is United Kingdom based company. The io domains were introduced in 1997 and later it would called country code top level domain. Many famous brands using io domain for running their website and selling stuff and share news with people. The cheapest place you can find these domains is at www.cheapiodomains.com

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